Monday, 8 September 2014

back home

Can you ever go back home? And what does it feel like, when you've been away for almost a decade, to go back home and settle somewhere in the outskirts of a tiny town? That's what I have yet to find out. After 9 years living abroad, I have moved back home. Same old story, but with a slight twist - instead of the loud, bustling big city I grew up in, we decided to go back one more step, by moving to the place where my mother and grandmother are from. It is still loud and bustling as most Greek towns are, but it is small and lies between the sea and the mountains.

So this is what I want to write about - going back home, starting a new life, adapting, renovating a wreck of a home with the most. beautiful. view. ever., meeting new people, learning how to take care of 100 olive trees, planting a berry garden, and seeing if it is possible to stop moving around and grow some effing roots somewhere. Because let's face it - if I can't do it here, I probably can't do it anywhere. 

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